četrtek, 21. avgust 2014

More from Hidden Valley

Yesterday we went back to Hidden Valley and clean some more stuff. Also scooped new highish line, but need to take rope to brush it. Stay tuned!
Jure making fast repeat of nice slopey traverse which we dubbed ''Los Pollos Hermanos'' 
Revisiting old F.A.s, Von Smallhausen is one of the best boulders in Vipavska Bela. Those slopers are straight outta Font!

Also check this video of Janez Kete for some other Hidden Valley boulders!

torek, 19. avgust 2014

Link Time

Today we share something unusual for AjdBloc standards. Mostly because is probably around 50 meters longer then our usual modus operandi! Our friend and long time photo collaborator Jure Piršič recently send this monster route in Osp, called Active Discharge and here is a little snippet from heart of cave. Congrats from Ajdbloc!

ponedeljek, 18. avgust 2014

Hidden Valley

Nice Sunday afternoon in Hidden Valley sector, Vipavska Bela
 Nejc compressing classic Von Smallhausen 
 Bowser is nice little compression arête on perfect river rock
New addition from yesterday, first ascent of Glavolomilec 

sobota, 16. avgust 2014

Rocks & Space

Rocks are space, and space is illusion. 
-Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums

sobota, 09. avgust 2014

Under the Bridge

Recently I add three new problems on overhang boulder just under the lower bridge. It's definitely summer spot, climbable only when water is low enough. Trnow Styler Represent!
East 5? sit start on left side and top out straight
To Live and Die in Trnow 6C? sit start on right side on obvious holds and top out straight on some river polished fontaesque slopers
East'n Bull 6C-7A? start as To live and Die... but instead goin straight out, climb the lip and top out in East 

četrtek, 31. julij 2014


Yeah I know, it's summer time and this is not about climbing, but this is worth to watch. Trailer for the last instalment in Jeremy Jones trilogy, Higher!

sreda, 23. julij 2014

Trnow Heat

Couple of pictures from super hot Trnow weekend.
first ascent of new compression thing, Master of puppies 7A
Jure Piršič making fast first repeat
Checking the moves on probably unrepeated Boštjan Weingerl higbalish thing Forest Fear 
Very cool boulder, need little cooler temps tho!

torek, 22. julij 2014

Two from Trnow

It was hot, so we decided to do some easier, overlooked things. First is an F.A. of nice lil compression called ''Master of Puppies'' and other is right version of famous T-bone, ''Buffalo Grill''

Two from Trnow from 8HOUSE on Vimeo.

torek, 15. julij 2014

Vipavska Bela Digi Guide

Vipavska Bela is quite known for sport climbing, but not many people know that down in the creek one can find some boulders. So here it is! Next time when you get bored with routes, just go down and explore hidden gems of Vipavska Bela. Enjoy!

četrtek, 10. julij 2014