nedelja, 05. oktober 2014

Trnow Style Saturday

Always fresh blocs and more action for the people!!
 Uroš Brecelj grabbing first repeat of super sketchy ''Gobelina''
First ascent of ''Big Giant Head'' 7A
Katja Vidmar enjoying view while climbing ''Big Giant Head''
Squeeze the Giant Head

nedelja, 28. september 2014

Trnow Fresh

Leftism bloc is this really cool boulder and mini sector cca 50 meters down from bridge near camp ground, which we develop in the past month. With autumn season getting in prime, AjdBloc kindly presents little topo. Enjoy!
First ascent of Leftism couple of weeks back
1 Leftism 7B; start on obvious jug and follow the path of less resistance to the left, FA Gašper Bratina
1a Leftism sit (P); possible sit start from crack, usually wet
2 Separate Morality 6B; sit start and climb the obvious crack out, FA Gašper Bratina
3 Dragan Bulič Project
4 Hipster 6C?; start on mini rail and top out straight through series of incut crimps, open by Uroš Brecelj, FA Katja Vidmar
Ukradena japonska piva 6B+; sit start on sloper and move out trough one of the coolest pinch holds in Trnow; FA Janez Kete
River Dynamite 7A?, jump start from sloppy hold for right hand and campus to the lip, unique and morpho, FA Janez Kete

petek, 26. september 2014

Link Time

Ben Moon went back to Lower Pen-Trwyn to revisited his historic first ascent of Statement of youth!!

petek, 19. september 2014

Beta Magazine #6

Fresh edition of Beta Magazine! AjdBloc featuring with article about Colorado bouldering aka Coloradical on pages 10 -17. Enjoy!!

ponedeljek, 15. september 2014

Vipavska Bela Blocs

Some new boulders which I found and climbed this past summer. 
First is located under Stolp sector (routes), the other one is in Hidden Valley. 
 Tomzi makin first ascent of ''Dehidracija'' 6C/7A
 Kete in ''Wowser'' 7A
 Tomzi in ''Wowser''
Bowser Bloc in Hidden Valley
red line Bowser 6C
green line Wowser 7A
yellow line Yowser 7A+
blue line John Wayne 6A

petek, 12. september 2014


We just booked our tickets to Vegas!! Enter The Desert!!

torek, 09. september 2014

River Dynamite

Very cool little boulder, which Janez Kete made first ascent on Saturday and I followed shortly with second. Great team work!

nedelja, 07. september 2014


Season for the other side blocs of Trnow is soon going be in prime, so I put together little video from last year first ascent of this really cool boulder called Authentic Mango Damage. Go out and scoop that thing, it's most definitely one of the sickest lines of Trnow Land!!

sreda, 03. september 2014


Trnow Styler is far from being climbed out. New blocs are popping out all the time, like this modern classic, developed on the weekend. Syked for more! We wont stop!!
photo Suzana Uršič - Liquid Sky

nedelja, 31. avgust 2014

Fresh Styler

 new sikk line called Leftism
 people chillin on the R I V E R