nedelja, 02. avgust 2015

On the Hunt

Few pictures form yesterdays scouting mission. Checked couple of potential places and second time we were lucky! We found sick new zone, can't wait to go back with more pads and develop some new blocs!
 Nejc trying hard on sick river polished project
 Blue suede shoes! Thank you 5.10 Slovenija 
 Killa beeeezzzz!
Majestic place! New project is sikkkkk!

torek, 21. julij 2015

Trnow Summer Fresh

Little photo gallery from weekend Trnow Styler mission! 
Mr. Truffe chillin in shade
Nejc on the first repeat of ''Liposukcija'' 6B/C, new one I put up in Drei Zinnen Beach
Another first repeat for Nejc, this time on ''Drink More Water'' 6C/7A
And another first repeat... 
Nejc on mega classic ''Frozen Wave'', few moments after I made an F.A.
first ascent of Frozen Wave (photo Nejc Pelhan)

ponedeljek, 20. julij 2015

Frozen Wave

Trnow Fresh!
Found this incredible arête on the weekend! It looks and climbs like a giant frozen wave.
One of the most unique things ever!
first ascent of Frozen Wave! 
 Nejc casually surfing over Frozen Wave!

petek, 17. julij 2015

Fish Out of Water

Extreme heat wave we are facing right now also means that river levels are low, so many boulders which are usually unclimbable are now possible. Yesterday I cleaned and climbed a new one in Hubelj area which I named ''Riba na Suhem'' (Fish out of water). Not that hard, but nice addition to ever growing circuit of blocs in Hubelj. Get on it while it's still out of water! 
first ascent of Riba na Suhem 6?
photo Borut Šlenc

nedelja, 12. julij 2015

Trnow fresh water

Summer time in Trnow Land! It's nice to chill next to a river, just Drink More Water...
New one from yesterday, Drei Zinnen beach... Drink More Water 6c/7a? F.A.

petek, 10. julij 2015

Vipavska Bela Fresh

Couple of summers back when Bela dried out for couple of months I envisioned that line on huge bloc under Stolp sector in Vipavska Bela. Kete Janez later put bolt on top and did it on top rope. With so many new boulders around we kinda forgot about it until last week. So yesterday I went there with Nejc Peljhan who join me for moral support and to fish me out of water in case of fall. I worked moves on rope and then thankfully did it first try! 
Turbulence Dreams (6Cx) shallow water boulder/solo, first ascent
 Entry crux on river polished footholds feels a little insecure...
 topping out!
crazy holds, reminiscent of  famous Ceuse! 

ponedeljek, 06. julij 2015

Link Time

Gotta love Dave's creativity in movement! Watch and learn...

petek, 03. julij 2015

Trnow Summer Fresh

Andrej Čotar reports from Trnow Land that he climbed 3 new problems in Drei Zinnen sector this week.  
 Po sili razmer 6B/C 
Uroš Brecelj actually envisioned and cleaned this bloc on our first session couple of weeks back, but it was still too dirty so he didn't tried it
 Starodavni zvok 6C/7B
new one Andrej found further down the path 
Warm up Arete 5+

ponedeljek, 29. junij 2015

Rat King Video

Short video of Uroš Brecelj making second ascent and still only repeat of my line ''Rat King'' up in Hubelj creek!
Enjoy and get Syked! Any takers?

petek, 26. junij 2015


Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been out of climbing game for two weeks now. Cut my thumb finger pretty bad, got 5 stitches and now I'm waiting to heal properly before I start again. 
Anyway, a while ago new bolder was been climbed in Hubelj and kinda forget to post about. Kete Janez build nice landing deck one day and started trying but couldn't do first move. Couple of days later me and Katja Vidmar tried it and we figured out slightly left exit. Katja then did first ascent and I followed shortly. 

Hydroponics 7A?
sit start from nasty lil pocket for right hand and little pinch for the left, then big move to the left and out. You can find this boulder in upper part of Hubelj area, 30 meters above River Rat boulder.