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ponedeljek, 22. avgust 2016

Eldorado Zone

On The Hunt!
We add some fresh ones in ever growing circuit of new blocs up in Eldo Zone. Katja Vidmar climbed first ascent of sit start to amazing river polished fontaesque bloc ''Rufus'' which was opened by Blaž Mur few weeks ago. Also worth to mention are two back to back repeats of  high and spicy ''Cortez the Killer'' from Jure Piršič and Aljoša Bremec. Well done guys!
 Font? Nah son! Just good ol' Soča River slopers
Rufus, Katja Vidmar F.A.
Untouched Monster Bloc
 Lovske Zgodbe, first ascent
Andrej Trobec on second ascent of my new bloc from last weekned ''Eldorado''
Mr. Truffle aka Ruff aka Truffo aka Rufus

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Check ''Rufus'' video  

torek, 16. avgust 2016

Beast of no Nation

After ten years hiatus with development of new blocs in Trenta Valley it seems that now new stuff is popping out everywhere! With more experience, fresh eyes and some friendly advice (thanks Uroš Krapež!) I'm finding more and more blocs every weekend. This time we hiked little higher up from road and check this new zone with couple of massive blocs. Just cleaned and climbed this one, the bigger lines are still waiting! 
Beast of no Nation, first ascent 13.08.2016
 Took three hours of cleaning, brushing and landing building before this thing was climbable. 
 Beast of no Nation, FA
Andrej Trobec from Trinity Original working intro compression moves before tall and committing exit

ponedeljek, 08. avgust 2016

Four Star Arête

Last week Uroš Krapež send me an email where he listed some potential new spots in Trenta valley. One thing immediately caught my eye, ''the most perfect arête I ever saw''. Because I'm sucker for beautiful lines I couldn't resist for long and on Saturday morning I drove up there to see it for myself what is all about. I have to say that he was absolutely right, it is one of the most amazing arêtes I ever came across in our mountains. As I figured  later apparently it was climbed before, which doesn't  surprise me at all. It sits just next to pretty popular path to Zapotok waterfall, around fifteen minutes form parking lot in Zadnja Trenta. Guy who claims that he climbed first didn't give any name, so for now I'm referring it as ''Four Star Arete''. Happy Hunting!

ponedeljek, 01. avgust 2016

Trnow Summer Fresh

Another hot weekend, so I decided to go up to Trnow Styler to chill, swim and maybe climb a little. Water level is very low at the moment so lot's of stuff which is usually unclimbable is now in the game. Like this overhanging mossy bloc opposite from 'Green Art bloc'. I build a small landing over the puddles form some river wood, brushed holds and top out, and made first ascent of ''Mossad'' 6c/c+

ponedeljek, 25. julij 2016

Cortez the Killer

He came dancing across the water
With his galleons and guns
Looking for the new world
In that palace in the sun.
 Neil Young - Cortez the Killer
Three weeks ago I ventured into obscure part of Soča river up in Trenta Valley. After short hike I came across this amazing arête. It was something, what I personally look every time when I go out hunting for new rocks. Tall, independent line on perfectly sculpted river rock. WOW! I was blown away!
Great intro compression moves
getting ready for another weekend up in the mountains
entering into no fall zone on ''Cortez the Killer'', one of my favourite and proudest first ascents

On the end I would like to thank Nejc Peljhan and Blaž Mur for bringing extra pads and trying to spot me. Katja Vidmar and Mr. Truffle for encouragement and to go out with me again and again through rough terrain and where almost nobody never goes. Also I would like to thank Moon Climbing for great crash pads and Five Ten Slovenija for HiAngles! Thank you all! 

Till next time!


torek, 19. julij 2016

Summer Fresh

Quiet times on AjdBloc, but just because I have been super busy with developing, searching, cleaning, trying, climbing...new stuff lately. Follow me on Instagram(click HERE) if you want to know all the latest and all the fresh!.
Revisited Trenta this weekend, after six or seven years and immediately cleaned and climbed few new boulders, ''Japhy Ryder'' on picture was one of them (located  behind the ''Električna Ovca''). Even in old places like Trenta potential for new blocs is still huge, if you are willing to put some time and effort into developing.
Big blog post with all new stuff and updates is coming once I finish few things I'm working on! 
Stay Tuned!!

torek, 05. julij 2016

Trnow Fresh

When you just thought that it would be hard to find another gem in Trnow Land, BOOM!
The prey I share, Fruit that I bear...Emerlads
first ascent of ''Emeralds'' V4 / 6B-7A or something like that

Marko Bratina was there to capture all on tape and then went and made flash second ascent! 

Directions: Park on middle parking (as you have to anyway!) then walk down to Tetris, Green Art area. Emerlads is big arete on right side of Green Art bloc, just next to Soča river. 

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torek, 21. junij 2016

From Pohorje to Maltatal

Lots of rain, lots of driving and searching for dry rock, new projects and new spots. From Pohorje granite to Vipava Valley fresh limestone blocs and sweet Maltatal gneiss. 
Summer time and climbing ain't easy!
 Blam Blam in Oplotnica, 
3 sessions in 3 weeks, battling with grease and getting close all the time but still no success...
 New Project on Orlowca
 And another one on Kowk
 Sick Maltatal gneiss
 Lil sport climbing action in great place, Kolosseum in Maltatal
The Crew