torek, 24. maj 2016

Greek Bloc

Last year I saw some pictures on instagram, when Blaž Mur found this overhang boulder which he called ''Greek Bloc''. It looked very interesting piece of stone and since then it was on the list of spots to visit. This Sunday Luka Frelih took me there and we had rather fruitful session. I climbed all existing lines and even add one of my own, direct version of ''Siga'' which I called ''Ares''. Luka had also successful day, when he succeed on his long term project ''Alfa Samec'', which I repeated soon after, although not until I worked out new method. Check this two first ascents in video bellow made by Luka!

sobota, 21. maj 2016

Apocalypse Now

Nemesis Tour 2016!
'Apocalypse Now' super low sit start into old problem of mine, 'Srce Teme'. Its one of those boulders which I've been playin for years on them and always felt super awkward and hard.
Until today! Check uncut video bellow!

četrtek, 19. maj 2016

Link Time

Utah is probably my favourite place on earth to boulder besides Fontainebleau and Indian Creek is crown jewel of all places around there. I was lucky to be there this past winter and although I spend only couple of days there and sample just a tiny tiny piece of all bouldering that is there I'm pretty sure that in next few years is going to be next mayor destination. Watch video bellow and see for yourself!

četrtek, 05. maj 2016

Turbulence Dreams

Young and brave Vid Štrancar on second ascent of ''Turbulence Dreams'' 6C-X in Vipavska Bela. Made first ascent last summer, it only seen one repeat so far as I know. This beautiful line sits down in the creek under ''Stolp'' sector, if anyone is interested!

torek, 03. maj 2016

Trnow Fresh

Spending some time back in Trnow lately and revisiting old sectors and trying some things I skipped in the past, thinking that are too hard or that I don't like climbing on them. More about that when time will come, but for now just few things I brushed, tried, climbed lately. 
On The Hunt
mega project, mostly 8B or harder?
Mr. Truffe on guard! 
Dostojevski 6A, First Ascent
20 meters down the river from Javelina bloc

ponedeljek, 25. april 2016

The Maze

Been pretty busy lately with developing ''The Maze'' as we dubbed it. Many thanks to Jure Piršič who came out with me and help me put bolts on top so we can cleaned it, Borut Šlenc for giving extra hand when we build landing zones and of course Nejc Peljhan who borrowed us his bolting machine! 
Some sick sick projects are waiting to be done. Stay tuned! 
After rain we are back in the MAZE!!
Amazing Karma Project, on some radical river polished limestone
Jure Piršič on one of the best lines in The Maze, Amazement
Tomzi pressing his way up the infamous Maze Steam