ponedeljek, 02. marec 2015

Swoop '76

And here's the video of '76 from the Wild Side of Trnow Land

nedelja, 01. marec 2015

Trnow Styler News

We had great day out yesterday in Trnow Land! 
Strong crew, great conditions and some amazing boulders! 
 Uroš Brecelj on overlooked classic ''Fear of Forest'' 7A/B. 
Went unrepeated for years, but yesterday it seen three ascents in one day
 Trnow Fresh... More there's always more...
 '76 6B/7A/7B?? great little addition to ever growing Trnow list of blocs
Jurica Levatič from Croatia had great first day in Trnow Styler. He climbed bunch of blocs, highlights were ''Fear of Forest'' and ''Javelina''

sreda, 25. februar 2015

Cry Machine Gallery

Couple of photos from Lost Planet headquarters of latest addition to local bouldering scene. Lijak boulders!

nedelja, 22. februar 2015

Lijak Boulders

Found couple of cool boulders under well known sport climbing crag of Lijak. ''KukBau'' from the other day and on Friday I added ''Cry Machine'' 6ciiiiish? Pretty good boulder with little spice thrown in because of landing zone. Here's a short video.
Special shout out to Marko Bratina for chalk bag!

sreda, 18. februar 2015

First Ascent Game

Why are first ascents so important to me? It's hard to point into just one reason. I guess the fascination with discovery and unknown goes back to young age. The trill of stumbling into something new, untouched is for me way more important then any thing in climbing. Figuring out, touching holds for the first time, deciding on a direction where and how the line should go. I'm not talking just about adding three more moves to the ten years old boulder. What I'm talking about is walking for hours and hours through the bushes and rugged terrain. Usually fruitless, but once in a while it's paid with ''something new, something beautiful, something hard, something to work on...''
I love to repeat great, beautiful boulders, but nothing can compare with blank canvas of new bloc. Excitement of trying something which you don't know is even possible, no chalk, no rubber, no video, no grades attached is what I value the most. And I love putting name on new creations. I think a name gives boulder life. A name separates boulder from just another piece of rock. Grades can change but names are for ever!
 Authentic Mango Damage, Trnovo ob Soči
one of my favourite first ascents
 Gobelina, Trnovo ob Soči
love when you sneak classic boulder in already established sector!
 Rudolf Majster, Podrta Gora
 Project I brushed but unfortunately didn't finished
Valle dell'Orco
 Leftism, Trnovo ob Soči
Lazy Lion Sunday, Podrta Gora
first ascents don't need to be hard to be satisfying!

torek, 10. februar 2015

Fresh Blocs

Found some cool boulders the other day. Climbed first one today. KukBau, nice little compression arete on very interesting rock. Some type of sediment, reminiscent of sandstone. More info and location will follow in week or so. Stay tuned!

ponedeljek, 09. februar 2015

Link Time

Frustration and joy!
Chris Schulte on classic Font slab boulder, Duel 8A

ponedeljek, 26. januar 2015

Trnow Fresh

Love the whole process of  creating new boulders. Build a landing zone, brush moss, put chalk on holds and start figuring how and where this thing should go... 
''Zuma'' fresh new one in Trnow Styler. Also one of my favourite Neil Young albums. 
Keep on rockin in the free world! 

torek, 20. januar 2015

Hidden Red Rocks Gems

Let's talk about hidden gems. I like going further out and seek boulders which are off the beaten path. Some are obscure some are the most famous boulders on the planet, but all of them are not next to the road. 
 The Cubicle, 45 minutes walk up in Juniper Canyon is totally worth. 
One of the most amazing and smooth sandstone I ever climbed on!

 Ride the white horse, multi hook sloppy rail with nice compression finish
 And there was Lark! Probably the most famous boulder in Red Rocks!! 
Still you have to walk all the way to the end of Gateway Canyon...
Dirty Rail up in Calico Hills

četrtek, 15. januar 2015

Fresh Look

New year, new look! How do you like change?
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