četrtek, 17. april 2014

Jungle Juice

Found this nice lil boulder crag in my back yard. Future development is in full effect! #soSecret Jungle!!
So Secret Jungle 7A+ F.A.
photo Kete

ponedeljek, 14. april 2014

To live and die in Trnow

Trnow Styler keep deliver. Opened two sikk lines this weekend. Not too hard, both around 6C mark, but future classics fo' sho. River Life till Next Life!!
all photos Katja Vidmar
 chillin with dawg on the river, happy times
 To Live and Die in Trnow 6C? F.A.
Amazing tall arete, Gobelina 6C? F.A. 

četrtek, 10. april 2014

B.I.G. night sessions

The Heat Is On
photo Marko Bratina - LostPlanet

sreda, 09. april 2014

Indian Creek Bouldering

Chris Schulte is always on the lookout for new sikk lines. This time he went to trad heaven Indian Creek. Check down what he found!!

ponedeljek, 07. april 2014

Down by the river

Exploring new territories. Venturing into unknown zones. Scooping fresh lines. That's what I love the most in climbing. And that's what we do! Trnow Styler Life!!
 Silent Crusher, first ascent
Trnow Styler from the other side

ponedeljek, 31. marec 2014

Font gallery

Enjoy a batch of photos from our Fontainebleau trip! 

torek, 25. marec 2014

Link Time

Super inspiring video of Ian Dorey's two year's siege of Paint it Black 8C, RMNP
Ian Dory's STRONG from Mind Frame Cinema on Vimeo.

petek, 21. marec 2014


Check this lil video I made. Uroš Brecelj killin it! Prouesse is hard, crimpy 7B arete in Rocher des Souris sector.
Jet Fuel Life represent!

četrtek, 20. marec 2014

Back from Font

It's a thin line between failure and success and this time it was deep into fail zone for me. But that's the name of the game sometimes I guess.One thing remains the same tough, after 15 years since my first visit of magic forest I'm still amazed by shapes and quality of rock and can't wait to return for more! 
trying Big Dragon 8A, Petit Bois
photo Uroš Breclj

torek, 11. marec 2014


Off to some jet fuel sloper action!
Fontainebleau here we come!! 
photo Suzana Uršič