ponedeljek, 16. november 2015


Took crew out to Kovk on Saturday and between guiding around I did a lil bit of searching and come across this compression arête sitting on top of the ridge. So yesterday in the morning I hiked back up and climbed this cool new bloc called ''Alamut''. One last bit of business in the new zone for a while. Tomorrow in the morning we flying out to Utah desert for some sandstone action. I won't be updating AjdBloc until we come back so follow me on Instagram if you are interested about what we are doing out there. 
On to the next!
Alamut, first ascent 15.11.2015
 3d squeezing and pinching
great new addition to the circuit

sreda, 11. november 2015

First Round First Minute

Jure Piršič just come back from his USA trip and send me this short video to share.
Indian Creek, Utah.
We'll be there next month, not for crack climbing though but for some bouldering! Very excited!!

ponedeljek, 09. november 2015

From Squeezerland With Love

Fresh new one from Kovk! Beautiful textured rock, one that almost resembles sandstone grain. 
I found some very unique and interesting pieces of limestone on this hill. Still so many things to explore, if you are willing to waste days of scrambling around! 
Squeezerland, First Ascent, 08.11.2015
photo Katja Vidmar

ponedeljek, 26. oktober 2015

And Another One

People been saying that there's no new blocs around here any more. Well I would say that you obviously don't hike enough. Fresh new one from yesterday, first ascent of Hesperus.

photo Mojca Žerjav

ponedeljek, 19. oktober 2015

Fresh from Vipava Valley

New little zone in the making! 
There's always more rocks out there if you go and search. Thx for the tip Uroš Brecelj!
Watch this space!!
 Forest Clouds, first ascent
 Mr. Truffe ready to go out
Dreamin' Man, first ascent
one of the best blocs I found and climbed around here, beautiful tall compression boulder
thx for the support and extra pads Janez Kete and Nejc Peljhan!

torek, 13. oktober 2015


Been walking past this striking arête above Soča river for years. On Saturday water level was low enough to give it a try. First I build the landing zone out of some river logs, then checked moves on a rope and finally commit. It's one of the best lines I ever put up on a very exposed and dramatic location. Named after our husky dog who passed away couple of years back...

first ascent, 10.10.2015
 Katja Vidmar checking moves on a rope
 No fall zone

ponedeljek, 05. oktober 2015


Fresh from Podrta Gora!
Went up on Saturday with Katja Vidmar and Mr. Truffe. Everything looked pretty wet, but we hiked higher up and we find some dry rocks. Not only that, we even put up a great new compression boulder. CHA POW, first ascent
great rock and nice moves
 40 minutes up the hill I guess it wont see many repeats
 Mr. Truffe was also part of the team
 hiked again on Sunday, but no luck this time, it was all wet and Podrta gora was stuck in giant white cloud

torek, 15. september 2015

From Val Daone to Oplotnica

Lot's of things happened lately and I've been kinda lazy with regular updating. So here is a little photo run what I have been doing that past few weeks. From local rocks to Pohorje granite to Val Daone... 
 Four pages article about our trip last year on Desert Sandstone in new Slovenian climbing magazine, Beta!
 Back on Podrta, working on Notorious BIG
 Mr. Truffe catching morning sun
 It was great fun running around new sector (for me) in Oplotnica and trying everything left and right for the whole day
 Dečki z žage, another **** line in Oplotnica
 Katja on beautiful boulder, slopy arete into highball spicy finish. 
Yes, still Oplotnica! 
 My Daone nemesis, Spigolo dell Anguria
In the back, two horses which ate our tent in the morning!!
Val Daone, amazing place to be!