ponedeljek, 05. oktober 2015


Fresh from Podrta Gora!
Went up on Saturday with Katja Vidmar and Mr. Truffe. Everything looked pretty wet, but we hiked higher up and we find some dry rocks. Not only that, we even put up a great new compression boulder. CHA POW, first ascent
great rock and nice moves
 40 minutes up the hill I guess it wont see many repeats
 Mr. Truffe was also part of the team
 hiked again on Sunday, but no luck this time, it was all wet and Podrta gora was stuck in giant white cloud

torek, 15. september 2015

From Val Daone to Oplotnica

Lot's of things happened lately and I've been kinda lazy with regular updating. So here is a little photo run what I have been doing that past few weeks. From local rocks to Pohorje granite to Val Daone... 
 Four pages article about our trip last year on Desert Sandstone in new Slovenian climbing magazine, Beta!
 Back on Podrta, working on Notorious BIG
 Mr. Truffe catching morning sun
 It was great fun running around new sector (for me) in Oplotnica and trying everything left and right for the whole day
 Dečki z žage, another **** line in Oplotnica
 Katja on beautiful boulder, slopy arete into highball spicy finish. 
Yes, still Oplotnica! 
 My Daone nemesis, Spigolo dell Anguria
In the back, two horses which ate our tent in the morning!!
Val Daone, amazing place to be!

sobota, 05. september 2015

Pattern Recognition

New addtition to Hubelj from yesterday. Nice slopy fontaesque problem on the left side of History bloc. Spent three hours moving rocks and building landing zone together with Uroš Brecelj and new boulder was born. Start standing from two opposing sidepulles and make long move on sloper, match and top out slightly to the right. 
Prepoznavanje Vzorca (Pattern Recognition), first ascent   

torek, 25. avgust 2015

420 Video

Couple of new easier blocs from Area 420! Now that summer heat is gone and autumn is just around the corner it's time to switch focus back to the projects.

ponedeljek, 24. avgust 2015

Fresh from 420

Went back to the new zone, Area 420! 
Found and cleaned couple of new lines. Just a beautiful, solo mission day out.
 Amazing, isn't it?
 That was a good day!
 new one, Kozorogov povratnik
 bloc scouting is serious business!
wassss upppp?

ponedeljek, 10. avgust 2015

Summer Fresh

Great weekned up in Trnow Land and fresh new zone Area 420!
Check the gallery!
 Mystic new zone!
 misty morning session in Area 420, Snow Beach first ascent 
 Classic! Snow Beach!!
Katja Vidmar on second ascent
Uroš Brecelj adding new one on the Drei Zinnen Beach, Bober F.A.
Compression Test F.A., Drei Zinnen Beach

četrtek, 06. avgust 2015

Search and you'll find

For all that you've been asking here it is now, Search Button!
Also I start adding tags to the posts to make search easier. Start digging!

Now you can search for old school shaky videos like this one!

torek, 04. avgust 2015

Frozen Wave Location

Quite a few people were asking where is located Frozen Wave. Here is quick topo how to find this new Trnow classic. Park as per Gozd/Forest sector and then follow path which goes back in direction of campground. There are more boulders in this area like Holidays in Cambodia, Lost in Translation, Reloaded, Killer inside me, Dr. Octagon and many more. Don't have time or will to make a proper topo but if you look in AjdBloc archives or on Trnow Styler Channel on Vimeo you can easily find more information about other blocs. Enjoy! 
 Frozen Wave!
Frozen Location