Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best moments of year 2014

Here are some best moments of the last year.
Happy 2015!!
 Highlander in Oplotnica. One of the best I ever done anywhere! 
 Trip to Vale dell'Orco. So many cool boulders still waiting to be climbed! Definitely on the list to go back in 2015!
 Trip to Fontainebleau. Total failure in terms of success, but a great reminder how good Font actually is! Syked to go back in 2015!!
First ascent of Leftism in Trnow Styler. Instant classic!
 Holly Cow in Oplotnica. Amazing technical compression and definitly one of my best ascents in 2014!
 HiAngles!! My new favourite shoe of choice in the last year!
 Trnow Styler new sectors and boulders. Still so much to explore...
 Mr Truffe, our new family member :)
Desert Sandstone Trip! Definitely highlight of 2014.
So many good boulders and places. 
Ride the White Horse...

Monday, December 29, 2014


Second instalment in Desert Session Series is here.
Sandstoner, Raw & Uncut!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Desert Sandstone Video

First video in ''Desert Sandstone Sessions Series'' is here!
Katja Vidmar on some Red Rocks and Moe's Vallex classics! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Desert Sandstone

Back from USA. 
It was amazing one month on the road, camping out in the desert, waking up with sunset. Simple life. Climb, eat and sleep. And tons of boulders. Everyday. 
Red rocks, Moe's Valley and Zion. 
Nevada and Utah.
Here are first batch of photos mostly taken with my phone. 
More will follow in next days and weeks. 
coolest brick pinch ever on ''JacK of all Trades'' V5, 
Gateway Canyon

''Pearl'' V5, Kraft Boulders

enter the LARK!!

 Sandstone stripes
on the road to Utah
 Red Cloud, our van
 ''Gripton'' V8/9 probably best boulder in Moe's Valley
 found some cool boulders out in Zion
 eye of the desert
 Moe's Valley
 Ancient writings from the past
 Indian Graffiti
 ''Pork Chop'' V3, my favourite warm up in Red Rocks
 Crazy rock patterns out in Gateway Canyon
 ''Ride the white horse'' V9/10 amazing slopy rail out in Willow Springs Canyon
 HiAngles are still my favourite shoe!
barley wear anything else on the whole trip
 ''Ode to the Modern Mayor'' V9, Willow Springs
like a swiss intro into fontasque top out
 Trying ''Book of Nightmares'' V11, Gateway Canyon
 ''Cubical'' V5, nice stem corner, 40 minutes walk from car up in Juniper Canyon
Tiger Stripes rock on ''25 Cents'' V4/5, Juniper Canyon
topping out ''Plumbers Crack'' on the sunset, Kraft Boulders

 Katja trying ''Americana Exotica'' V10 in Gateway Canyon
 ''Mr. Smiley'' V5, last boulder in the trip, Calico Basin
One for the next time...''Fountainhead'' V9, Black Velvet Canyon