Tuesday, September 15, 2015

From Val Daone to Oplotnica

Lot's of things happened lately and I've been kinda lazy with regular updating. So here is a little photo run what I have been doing that past few weeks. From local rocks to Pohorje granite to Val Daone... 
 Four pages article about our trip last year on Desert Sandstone in new Slovenian climbing magazine, Beta!
 Back on Podrta, working on Notorious BIG
 Mr. Truffe catching morning sun
 It was great fun running around new sector (for me) in Oplotnica and trying everything left and right for the whole day
 Dečki z žage, another **** line in Oplotnica
 Katja on beautiful boulder, slopy arete into highball spicy finish. 
Yes, still Oplotnica! 
 My Daone nemesis, Spigolo dell Anguria
In the back, two horses which ate our tent in the morning!!
Val Daone, amazing place to be!

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