Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Font gallery

Photos from our short, but sweet trip to the Mecca of bouldering. I'm always blown away how good Font actually is. Scroll down and check some moments from the forest!
thx to Mojca Žerjav and Katja Vidmar for extra photos!
Stay Frosty!
megaline 'Hotline'
got pretty close on first session, but unfortunately it was wet when we come back few days later
 Uroš Brecelj on second ascent of 'Killer Mike' 6A
found this lil bloc in the back of Franchard Hautes Plaines, brushed moss for two hours and made first ascent right after
 Brecelj trying 'Rataplat' 7A/B in Isatis
'Pirouette Cacaouette' 7C
my favourite boulder I climbed on this short trip. Absolutely amazing piece of sandstone
Pirouette details
 Mojca on 'Le Trou du Simone' classic and  probably best 6A in Bas Cuvier
 warming up on some hard red in Apremont
 Katja on 'Crazy Horse' 7A Apremont
 25 black, Buthiers
 quick session, checking moves on this  mega compression fridge, 'Trojan War'
 Brecelj on night session in Buthiers classic 'Le Flipper'
 Testing Hiangles on Perfect angle
 Katja on 'Pitt Boule' 7A, Mont Simonet

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Back from Font

Back from magic forest. Here's little taster for start.
 I'll post longer video of the trip and photos in next few days. Stay tuned!
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Off to Font

I'm off to magic forest of Fontainebleau tomorrow! It's been exactly a year since my last visit and you can say that I'm very excited! Let's hope for some good, cold, dry weather. AjdBloc will go on hiatus for a week, so if you want regular updates straight from battlefield follow me on Instagram.
See you all after Easter with some fresh videos and updates!

Monday, March 14, 2016

This is Jelovica

Last week I got call from Luka Frelih about some new blocs he developed in Jelovica. Luka is very active on new bloc hunting front and together with Andrej Trobec and some other guys he found some great new spots around Škofja Loka. So yesterday he generously showed us this amazing new little bloc he found this winter. Hard to say exactly what kind of rock is, but it climbs like something outta Magic Wood on very smooth sandstone grain rock. 
It's always great to see people who are passionate about developing and searching new stuff. It's crazy how many new spots is out there and we just scratch the surface in my opinion. All that we climb on now is basicly road side, I can't imagine what we gonna find out when we start get Deeper, Further, Higher! Exciting times!
 ''To je Jelovica'' 7A?, amazing Luka Frelih first ascent
Luka Frelih on first move, long dead point to nice incut edge

Also check nice little video he made, featuring his FA of ''To je Jelovica'' and right version which I did ''Ne bo vam uspelo'' 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Link Time

Follow developer par excellence Christopher Schulte if you wanna see some real hunting action. Chris's been putting new boulders in Indian creek for some time now. This winter alone he's spent more then hundred days in the desert, mostly alone and vision quest his way of bouldering. True inspiration!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Boulder hunting is game of patience. Usually you walk for hours and find nothing. The other day was like that. I was hiking for quite some time, found couple of blocks, but nothing inspiring enough. I almost called it a day, when I decided that I'm gonna check the other side of this little hill and BOOM! Here it was, beautiful compression pillar. I chalked the holds, but decided to come back some other day because it was already gettin dark. A week or so later I  was back and made first ascent of another boulder in Vipava Valley. 
FARAON 7A, F.A. 4.3.2015 

Check little uncut video bellow