Sunday, April 3, 2016

Run the Invaders

Yesterday I climbed new version of Alien Invaders on Pingu Bloc in Trnow Styler. First I thought that I just found better method for Alien, but when I came home and watched video of first ascent I come to conclusion that is more of a new problem then just a better beta. I started half meter to the left then where OG Alien starts and climbed straight out to the left, where Alien keeps super low and top out one meter more to the left. So even if I usually don't like claims of first ascents for every new version of a boulder, I think that this is so much different problem that it deserves a new name.
Run The Invaders, 7C-ish*, first ascent 02.04.2016

*grade disclaimer
I don't know how hard or easy this thing actually is. Personally I thought around 7B? But then Brecelj persuaded me that I'm ''strong'' at the moment and that it should be something like Pingu Dreams. So 7C it is. So now you know who to blame when you gonna call downgrade

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