Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Link Time

Only Indian Creek blocs, besides Font, get's me more excited for bouldering then anything else! Check bellow and you'll see why...

Sunday, November 13, 2016

FONT video

Here it is, little Font video, featuring six different aretes, all amazing, all different in style. Sit back and enjoy some of the best lines Font has to offer! Thanks for watching!

in order of appearance: 
Rababoum 7A, Reve de Pierre 7A, Compression Zip 7A, Hotline 7C, Deux Temps Trois Mouvements 6c+ and Figure de Proue 7A.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Font update! Last few days we didn't have much luck with weather. It rained on and off and lots of things were/is wet. We still climbed a little bit on what was dry, but mostly wander around the forest and checking things for next visit. Check some photos bellow and stay tuned for our last update. Friday supose to be suny and dry so let's hope for one ''Last day best day''!!
 New 7+8 guidebook with 3748 7A and harder blocs!!
 Rababoum 7A, Manoury
one of the best blocs for this grade everywhere on the planet! so good!!
 Sandstone Monster
sun and cool breeze, let's hope for some dry rocks soon!!

Friday, November 4, 2016


Font update! Before rain hit us today and forced us to rest a little (not a bad thing actually, my skin needed it!!) we've been all over the forest. Manage to climb few things, but two most notably were Hotline 7C and my ultimate all time nemesis l'Angle Ben's 7A!! Psyched! 
Stay tuned for more news in next couple of days
 Hotline 7C, The Mega Line!!
 After 10? years!! l'Angle Ben's 7A, Franchard Isatis
Nostalgie Assis 7A, Drei Zinnen 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


OK folks! Live form Fontainebleau!
First few days here we had pretty bad conditions, with hot and humid, skin eating weather. We pray every night now to weather gods to send us some cold and some magic wind. Lot's of wind!! So we can work out and put down few things we really, really like to do here!!
 Check few pictures bellow and stay tuned for more live reports from mighty Foret!
 Sandstone best Stone
 Compression Zip 7A, Rocher de la Reine
 Katja on some slopy madness in Apremont Envers
La Fissure de la Liberte, classic hard old school 6C, with bad feet and insecure moves