Monday, March 27, 2017

Winter Lime part two

Winter is over and here is second video (and last) in Winter Lime series. Enjoy and watch this space for return of Up By The River series!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Thelonious Block and other stuff

On Saturdey I decided to revisit an old place which we first check around ten years ago, but lack of vision and foam was major factor that we never returned back. When I walked in this weekend I immediately saw big potential. I stoped at first big boulder and started brushing holds, cleaning top out and working on a landing zone. Soon after Jure Piršič and Luka Frelih joined me with more pads and more psyche and we put five new blocs that day. Check nice photos bellow courtesy of Suzana Uršič / Liquid Sky Photography and stay tuned for more news from the alpine!!
 Thelonious Monk F.A.
 All That Jazz F.A.
 All That Jazz F.A.
 Jure on first ascent of Vicarius
Jure, Vicarius F.A. in amazing wild setting

Thursday, March 2, 2017

First Ascent Every Day

Been pretty busy lately with finding, cleaning and climbing new stuff, so here it is little batch of fresh blocs from last month. 
All new, all First Ascents. 
Keep it Fresh!
 After the Gold Rush 7A; Vitovlje
 Bush Doctor 7A; Vitovlje
 Dear Hunter 6B, Kovk
 Hot Spot 5C, Kovk
 Jalapeno 6C; Stara Baba
 Lil Island 6A; Kovk
 Low Rider Entertainment 7A; Lokavec
Maron 7A, Kovk
 Objemi Medveda 7A, Vitovlje
Wheel of Forest 6C, Kovk