Thursday, June 8, 2017

From Swizz to Trenta

Summer is in full swing and I've been spending my time mostly in Trenta valley exploring new blocs, with the quick four day trip to Magic Wood in between. Check photo story bellow!
working moves on Arete Proj in Eldorado
second ascent of Dirty Harry in good ol' Eldo, Uroš Brecelj F.A.
 Cleaning new highball 
 Quick trip to super hot Magic Wood. While I was waiting for cooler evening temps I cleaned this scary arete behind Body Count Bloc. Did all the moves on rope, but I felt too insecure on whole thing to actually commit ascent above pads. Maybe someday!
another new one which me and Uroš Brecelj cleaned in Magic Wood. 
Easy. nice warm up bloc. Sauerkraut F.A.
 On The Hunt in Trenta Valley
 first ascent of Beastie Wall, Trenta