Monday, July 31, 2017

On The Hunt

On the hunt for new blocs high above Soča valley. Three hours of trail walking, bushwacking and talus hoping was totaly worthed on the end when me and Nejc came across this little alpine zone! Can't wait to get back up there with more pads  and climb some good new ones. 
 it was a long hot day...
...but totaly worthed when we found this one!! 
 Lil warm up problem. 
For everything else we have to get back with more pads!
 Nejc scooping out lines
 Nice chunk of solid gray limestone
 New zone up in the alpine
That was a good day!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Up by the River Summer edition

Summer is in full swing so we moved up from the river to the mountains above.
Check little video below!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Val Daone

Fun weekend up in the mountains. 
Climbing, goofing around and all kind of craziness with Tomzi and Nejc this past two days up in beautiful Val Daone
 Nejc on Shrek 7A
 Nejc cruising up magnificent La Vena 6C
 Tomzi squeezin K14 7B
 Nejc on Unknown 6B
Boys killin last skin down in the river. Nejc shuffling up Unknown 6C

Friday, July 14, 2017


For years I've been hearing about boulders on Mangart Saddle. Some people were saying that is all choss, some were raving about next top summer spot. So last weekned I decided to drive up there and see it for myself what is all about. Truth is as always somewhere inbetween. Mostly chossy limestone blocs with one or two good lines mixed in. So is it next big thing? No, but it is a beautiful place and even if you go up there just for this arete is nice for one day trip in my opinion. More than that I just don't know. But as always people has diferent tastes, so it's best to see it for yourself.
Unknown Prow
shity screangrab from video,
 watch this space for next installment of Up BY The River series where this bloc will be featured

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ten Years on the Scene

Not so much activity lately on blog, although not because of lack of action, but more that I lost interest in publishing news and stuff in that kind of format. I started AjdBloc 10 years ago, before all the Instagram and other social media frenzy. But now days I'm thinking about different ideas, different approaches. Simple blog format feels kinda outdated? But maybe it's that just me? Anyway Ajdbloc is not dead yet. It's just more of a hibernating phase, while I think in which direction AjdBloc should move in the future. I'll keep you posted, but I would also really like to hear some of my readers opinions. So if you like and still read AjdBloc please comment bellow and let me know what you feel!
Leftism, first ascent / Trnow Styler Land
photo Ryan Alonzo

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer News

Summer time freshens from River to the Valley
 Uroš Brecelj on first ascent of Riparian Man 6A, Trnow Land
 I envisioned this funky squeezer left of Green Beast, Uroš Brecelj then mange to make up first ascent of Beast Faker 7B; Trnow Land
 Mitja Jereb on Tolstoj 5C, new one we put up little down from Sršenji Ples, Trnow Land
Jure Piršič on Puškin 6C another new addition under Sršenji Ples, Trnow Land. 
Jump on them while Soča river is low enough
 Sugar Mountain 6C, first ascent. Beast Land is slowly gettin more blocs
 World cup star Tsukuru Hori trying Anubis in terrible conditions. 
It was great to take Japanese guys on quick tour around Trnow Land, despite rainy jungle weather with very few dry blocs
Katja Vidmar flashing Emeralds 6C in Trnow Land
first ascent of Lil Saigon 6C/7A, Col
 First ascent of Peace Trail 6A, Col