Friday, February 23, 2018

Mind Eraser

Hey ya all
I'm resurrecting this blog for a quick note from Trnow Land!

Short story about Mind Eraser 8A.

Five years ago I scooped this line and cleaned it. Shortly after Boštjan Weingerl made first ascent and since then it stayed unrepeated. I played on it for a day or two every year since I brushed it. Last year I finally found way around heinous triple bump beta that Boštjan used. But then it get too hot too soon and I lost interest. Come this winter the psyche was strong again and also Uroš Brecelj and Jure Piršič got keen for trying it, so we started going up to frozen Trnow on regular and putting hours in. After few miserable winter days, last friday we finally got some good conditions (not too cold and not too humid) and I managed to pull off first repeat of this mega bloc. S y K e D !!
Unfortunately there is no video of it, becouse my memory card run out of space right when I made successful attempt. Scroll down and check few photos courtesy of Jure Piršič from LineHunters.

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